Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Nikkei's future is in the here and now...

I might have jumped the gun earlier shorting /NKD. There is still one last chance for the Nikkei to switch gears and have another huge rally.  We should literally know within 2 days. The first chart is a one year chart of the Nikkei futures.

As you can see after the huge run up from last year the Nikkei has now formed a giant triangle pattern. These patterns usually resolve in the direction of the trend, which in this case, is up.
This next chart is of a falling wedge that has formed within the even larger triangle pattern. As you can see the /nkd is hanging on by a thread. The bottom line is that we have a bullish pattern within a bigger bullish pattern.  If the /nkd closes below today's close, it will crash. There are no if's and/or but's about it. If it can hang on and rally from here a break out of this falling wedge could send it screaming higher.  Whichever the result, it will become clear within 48 hrs.

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