Thursday, October 10, 2013

Short /ES 1678.75

This is just for the last hour of the day.  Only looking to grab 2-3 points. Very quick scalp.  This trade is produced from one of my RSI studies over the past 90 days.

***NOTE*** I messed that trade up and lost 2.5 points. The RSI did not close the hour above 90 which was part of the study.  However, where the market is now (at 1687.25) the RSI is just under 93

***NOTE*** # 2  ==> I re-entered the short side @ 1687.50. This is more discretionary and I will probably try and get 7-10 points out of it. The key will be if the market can stay below the HOD (1687.75) going into the final 15 min. of trading. If so, we could give back 5-10 pts into the close

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